Root Canal Treatment in Nungambakkam, Chennai

Are you facing tooth pain and swelling gum problems?

Do you feel pain while chewing?

Are you suffering from lingering sensations in the tooth while having cold and hot foods?

Want to get rid of these dental problems? Then visit our dental hospital in Chennai.

At Pulp Dental Hospital, we provide premium quality root canal treatment in Nungambakkam, Chennai at an affordable cost.

Dr. Ganesh Vaiyapuri is an expert dentist in Nungambakkam, offering root canal treatment in Nungambakkam. He has restored the infected or damaged tooth of many patients and give them relief from dental issues like extraction, inflammation in gums, sensitivity, etc.


Let’s know about root canal treatment and how it works for a damaged or infected tooth.


What is a root canal treatment?

A root canal treatment helps repair and save a tooth that is severely decayed or infected. A tooth’s nerve and pulp can swell, cause infection due to deep decay, frequent dental procedures or large fillings, chip, or a crack in the tooth. It may also damage the tooth due to facial trauma.

During a root canal treatment, your dental surgeon will remove the nerve and pulp of the tooth and then clean and seal the inner portion. Without treatment, the surrounding tissue of the tooth will become infected and may lead to a puss formation.


What is the cost of root canal treatment?

The cost of root canal treatment in Chennai is much less than a tooth extraction. The cost also depends on the severity of the tooth that requires the treatment. To know the exact cost, you can visit our hospital.


Are you an ideal candidate for root canal treatment?

You are an ideal candidate for the root canal if you notice these signs:

  • A sensitive tooth that lingers, especially to cold or heat
  • Sharp pain when chewing or biting
  • Pimples on your gums
  • Chipped or cracked teeth
  • Swollen or painful gums
  • Deep decay or darkened gums


Let’s know the actual steps involved in the root canal treatment.


A root canal is a multi-step treatment that includes:


  • Removal of the infected and irritated pulp
  • Cleaning and disinfecting the root canals
  • Filling the root canals with a rubber-like inert material (Gutta-percha)
  • Sealing the root canals
  • A post root canal cap or crown


Benefits of root canal treatment

benefits of a root canal treatment
  • A root canal treats dental problems like tooth decay, tooth root diseases, gum inflammation, etc.
  • It maintains the facial appearance, limits the necessity for a permanent dental procedure, and lets you enjoy your favorite food.
  • The root canal treatment helps save your wisdom teeth; thus, you can expect a long-lasting pain-free function.
  • It guards your jawbone and keeps a natural smile by protecting your teeth.
  • A root canal treats the dental infection and ensures that it does not spread to your jawbone or brain.
  • Implementing a root canal will relieve the severe tooth pain and let you use your teeth without having deformed gaps in your dentition.
  • Cost-efficiency and effortlessness are the main reason for getting root canal treatment instead of dental extractions.
  • Additional benefits include a lesser risk of tooth decay and improve dental health.


If you want to know whether root canal treatment is the right choice for you, then please contact us for detailed information. At Pulp Dental Hospital, we provide high-quality root canal treatment that restores your tooth functions and aesthetics.


Why Pulp Dental Hospital for root canal treatment?

  • Dr. Ganesh Vaiyapuri, the founder of Pulp Dental Hospital, with 15+ years of experience. He has completed several root canal procedures during his tenure as a dentist.
  • Dr. Ganesh has expertise in smile correction and smile designing. It is a highly specialized dental makeover procedure that requires immense skills and concentration.
  • He has excellent experience in treating patients with complex dental problems; thus, his patients have tremendous trust and faith in him.
  • Our Hospital has state-of-the-art dental equipment and infrastructure, including chairs for adults and children for dental treatment, a dental X-ray facility, and more.
  • At Pulp Dental Hospital, we serve domestic and international clients across the USA, Canada, Russia, France, Switzerland, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, and many other countries.
  • We are available for dental treatment 24×7.


Frequently asked questions

Q) How long does a root canal take?

The time required for a procedure depends on the process and the type of tooth involved. We consider your time in the clinic for about 1-2 hours. The treatment can often complete in one visit, and some instances may need a second appointment.


Q) What happens after the root canal treatment?

After completion of your root canal procedure, your dentist will receive a report of your treatment. You will need to talk to their clinic for a follow-up within 30 days. Your dentist will choose the type of restoration necessary to protect your tooth.


Q) Is the root canal treatment expensive?

Protecting your tooth by endodontic treatment is less expensive and less invasive than removal and replacement with a bridge or implant.


Q) Is root canal treatment painful?

Getting a root canal is often no more painful than having a filling. Root canal treatment does not cause pain but reduces it. Advancements have made root canal treatment a nearly pain-free experience that can be completed in a single visit.


Q) Is the root extracted in a root canal?

A root canal does not extract the tooth, and it will be able to function normally. Though root canals do remove the nerves inside the tooth; these nerves serve a minimal function in a fully formed tooth.

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