Denture in Nungambakkam, Chennai

Do you know that 158 million people in the world suffer from toothlessness? Dentures can solve this problem very well. Are you searching for an affordable option for Denture treatment? Well, Dr. V Ganesh Vaiyapui is offering you the best denture treatment at his dental hospital in Chennai at an affordable price.


What are dentures?

denture treatment

If you are suffering from missing teeth, it is never late to restore your healthy smile. 


A denture is a most useful and easily affordable solution in this situation. 


A denture is a prosthetic device made to replace the problem of missing teeth. It sits in the place of missing teeth having full support from surrounding tissues.


Dentures treatment at our hospital is provided by Dr. Ganesh Vaiyapuri, who is an expert dentist in Nungambakkam.


Types of denture

There are mainly two types of dentures available in the market. These are-


Complete dentures

complete dentures

Complete dentures are of two types viz, conventional denture and immediate denture. Traditional dentures are generally made after the extraction of the teeth and the healing of gum tissue. You need to wait for at least eight to twelve weeks after the removal of the teeth. On the other hand, we place immediate dentures just after the teeth extraction surgery is performed. The shrinking of the bones and gums during the healing procedure helps in settling the newly added denture in the proper place.


Partial dentures

partial dentures

A Partial denture (dental bridge) is generally made to replace the missing teeth with a prosthetic tooth along with pink plastic gum attached to it. Partial dentures are removable, yet they produce a natural-looking appearance to you. Generally, a combination of acrylic and metal is used to make this kind of dentures. It is less expensive in comparison to other missing teeth treatments. However, it requires a bit of maintenance that is easy and home-based. More importantly, it is easy to alter in future requirements.


Indications that you need dentures

Many of you may think that dentures are for senior citizens only. Well, it is not correct. Followings are the situations when you will need dentures.

  • If you are suffering from oral health issues like cavities and periodontal problems and extraction of your teeth is mandatory.
  • If you are having a gap between your teeth.
  • If you are suffering from loose and shifting teeth.
  • In cases like red, swollen, and bleeding gums, you may require extraction of teeth and denture treatment.
  • In case you struggle while eating some types of food due to your misaligned teeth.
  • When you feel disgusted about your smile due to a missing tooth.


To know more about whether you need dentures, visit our Pulp Dental Hospital in Chennai.


The procedure of making dentures

procedure of making dentures


Fixing denture into your mouth requires the following steps-

  • At first, we take an impression of your gum. Here if we observe that you need extraction of your teeth, then we will wait until the extraction part completes.
  • Then we place a wax rim into your mouth to identify the problem with biting and misaligned teeth.
  • Next, our dental lab will make the artificial teeth according to your requirements.
  • After this, our dental surgeon will have a trial session to check whether these dentures are entirely suitable for you or not.
  • If the newly-made dentures satisfy your need, then we will go for setting them into your mouth.
  • Here if it seems necessary, then we will make specific adjustments while setting the Denture.
  • You may need to come back again if there is any problem after the treatment. But the chance of arising any issue after the treatment is significantly less.


What is the cost of dentures at Pulp Dental Hospital?

Pulp Dental Hospital provides the best cost of dentures in Chennai. The cost of your denture treatment varies from case to case according to the requirements.

Type of DenturesCost approx. in Rs
Conventional complete denture10000-25000
Immediate denture10000-22000
Removable partial denture6500-14000
Implant fixture25000-30000
Metal Crown2000-3000
Metal Ceramic3500-4500
Metal Laser Sintered5000-7000


What are the benefits of denture?

The benefits of Dentures are as follows-

  • Improves your overall aesthetic image while talking or smiling
  • Increases your self-esteem
  • Supports the facial muscles while chewing food
  • Enhances the ability to chew
  • Easily removable according to your needs
  • Helps in the improvement of your speech
  • The treatment is least painful and safe
  • Easy to clean
  • Can work as a protection shield for further oral problems


Why choose Pulp Dental Hospital for dentures?

We at Pulp Dental Hospital provide premium quality denture treatment at the best cost in Nungambakkam.

  • We use the most advanced techniques while treating our patients.
  • We are the one-stop solution for all your dental needs.
  • We are available 24/7 to provide you with the best treatment.
  • Our hospital is well equipped with modern tools.
  • Our denture treatment is headed by the most experienced dentists.
  • We take care of our patients’ comfort and satisfaction.
  • We customize all our treatments according to your needs.


Frequently asked questions

Q) Is Dentures treatment helpful in solving decay?

Yes, Complete or partial whatever the type of denture one can think of is highly effective in decay treatment. Again, it improves your oral health.


Q) How will I take care of my Dentures?

Taking care of Denture is a straightforward process.

  • It would be best if you did brush regularly.
  • It would help if you used the toothpaste which we have suggested.
  • If you develop any broken Denture, then you should visit us to repair the broken part.


Q) Is it possible to chew normally with Dentures?

Yes, you can eat with your Dentures as familiar as your teeth. But an adjustment with newly installed Dentures may take time for some people.


Q) Is it possible to attach Dentures on the date of tooth extraction?

Yes, it is possible with the help of Immediate Dentures. But it would help if you asked your dentist about the same beforehand.